Sweetwater Jaycees Kitten Roundup

Brought to you by the home of the worlds' largest Rattlesnake Roundup

The Roundup

That’s right, it’s the Sweetwater Jaycee’s Annual Kitten Roundup, and it’s all happening March 15-18th! Come join us for Sweetwaters' largest, most exciting, and FUN event of the year! Whether you’re just a cat lover, a hunter, or looking for a good weekend to spend quality time with the family, Sweetwater has it all!

From the moment you enter the carnival type atmosphere, you'll see why Sweetwater is THE destination spot for the cat enthusiast. We have ample areas to set up camp (by reservation only), as well as a large area for RVs (first-come, first-served). There are several motels within walking distance, and of course we offer free daytime parking.

We offer activities for all ages, so bring the whole gang, and immerse yourself in Sweetwater. We'd love to get to know you!

When You Arrive

ALL guests must be wearing a wristband at all times. Daily passes are $15/day, and a pass for the entire weekend is $30. After checking in, we recommend you head over to the processing floor.


The processing floor is staffed by Sweetwater Jaycee professionals who are highly trained in the art of butchering and skinning. Visitors may watch in the cordoned off area, while hunters who have brought their own cats may leave them in one of our staging dumpsters, or may bring them to the processing area to watch. Cats are first decapitated, then hung upside-down to fully bleed out. After disemboweling, they are then skinned (a process in which a trained professional can complete in under 20 seconds), and butchered properly to ensure the highest yield of usable meat.

Butchering your cat (which includes killing, draining, skinning, and butchering into hock, shank, belly, and ribs) is available for a fee. Jaycees members $15/cat, and non-members $25/cat, regardless of size.


All apparently healthy cats will then head on over to our kitchen for further processing. We serve only the finest meat available, in a variety of preparations. Try one of our slow-cooked stews, a fresh seasoned rotisserie, or go a little more traditional with the grill and our selection of Kat-bobs (like a kebab), loin medallions, or a charcoal fired hindquarters. And if you’re not feeling hungry, you can always “take it with you” from our gift shop which features fresh ground meat as well as our super-lean feline jerky.

Cats that have been butchered by our department can be deboned and/or ground for an additional $10/cat.


Skins are available on a first come, first serve basis. Every year, we process our remaining skins (curing, drying, and cleaning) and make them available to the public. We do offer a tailoring service, which typically will take 4-6 weeks to complete. You will be charged the total number of skins required for your garment, and an additional fee for cutting, sizing, and assembly. So whether it’s a hat, coat, handbag, or something completely custom and unique, the Sweetwater Jaycees will help you make your dream a reality.

For The Kids

Education is a big part of the Kitty Roundup, and we love every chance we can get to educate children on how to quickly and properly disassemble an animal. All children who enter the processing floor MUST be accompanied by an adult. For a small fee, parents can have their children become part of the excitement and get “hands on” with the termination, skinning, or any of the variety of fun activities at hand!

Schedule Of Events

Come early Thursday to get your RV spot or a prime camping area!


5:00 pm: Kitten Parade
Join us for our parade before we eat them!
7:00 pm: Sweetwater Pussy Pagent
Watch as we crown our new Miss Sweetwater and watch her skin a cat upon winning the prize


10 am: Show Opens!
Bring your appetite, sense of adventure, an apron, butcher knife and some cats for our opening day!
12:00 pm: Eating Contest
Cat got your tongue? Well get his! It's an all-you-can-eat competition, who can eat the most cat in 5 minutes? Entry fee is $25, winner takes home 10 lbs of ground meat!


10 am: Show Opens!
Bring the whole family for a day of carnival rides, eats, and of course visit our processing floor for plenty of blood, skinning, and more cat meat than you'll find anywhere in the country!
12:00 pm: Butchers' Block Contest
How quickly can you break down a cat? Put your skills to the test against competitors and the world record clock! This is an ACBC (American Cat Butchers Club) sanctioned event.


10 am: Show Opens!
It's the last day, so make sure to come by and try some of our carnival games, or take one last opportunity to visit the gift shop and buy a cat skull, or stop by our deli and take home some fresh meat!
3 pm: Closing Ceremonies!
Celebrate another successful Roundup with our award ceremony! Categories include Largest Cat, Fastest Butcher, Cutest Corpse and of course, our Pagent Queen will close the ceremonies with the traditional Pussy Dance!

Gift Shop


Skins are available for $35 a piece, or our Jaycees special 3/$100. You can pick the size and color of the skin. For custom orders, please see our tailor at booth D5. A typical ladies short jacket requires approximately 8-12 carcasses, however we can also use the skin for trim on existing coats, hats, scarves, etc.


Our cat skulls are saved and processed between roundups. We provide may artisan crafts using the skull of the cat, including statues, candle holders, coffee mugs, ashtrays, candy dishes, kids night lights, and other unique gifts. Lucky cats feet are also available.

Feline Platinum Package

We do offer a special for cat owners who would like to process their cat entirely. This includes termination, bleed-out, skinning, a very careful deboning and ground meat, and full skeletal articulation. This service is available for $750/cat. You will leave with your skin and meat, however as articulation is a very time-intensive process, your piece will be ready in approximately 6-8 weeks.
*this service is not available on kittens.

Carry-Out Meat / The Deli

Our deli is open daily from 10am until 4pm. All of the meat in the deli is fresh and has not been frozen. Our butcher is available to process the cats you bring in for a fee (you must register your cat upon entering the festival). However if you haven't brought a cat, we do offer plenty of options for you to take home, from a whole cat to steaks and ribs. The cats we sell in our deli have all been caught by our Jaycees volunteers prior to the show.
Whole Cat: $12/lb Skinned and gutted whole cat. Excellent for stews or the grill. Cryovac. Average bone-in post-processing weight is typically 3-5 lbs.
Half Cat: $13/lb Same as above, but halved with no head
Head Only: $6 Excellent for making soup.
Ground Cat: $18/lb Make burgers, chili, or use in place of ground beef.
Ground Cat Special: 5 lbs. / $80 Save $2/lb!
Cubed Steak: $20/lb Small cubed bites, good in Kebabs, stir-frys, or deep fried.
Tenderloin: $28/lb The most prized cut of meat. Tender, juicy, flavorful
Back Strap: $26/lb An excellent cut that's great for the grill
Ribs: $19/lb Sold only in whole racks. Slow cook or smoke these for the best tenderness and flavor.
Hindquarters: $14/lb Thigh and shank.
Foreshank: $9/lb Another excellent addition to soups or stews


We have several concession stands available, all featuring our locally produced cat meat. Availability will vary by stand, so make sure to stop by them all!

Carnival Fries: $6 Long, thin fries in a cup, sprinkled with salt & vinegar
Onion Rings: $6 A full pound of thick, golden-fried onion rings
Kitty Poppers: $9 Tender chunks breaded in our spiced batter and deep-fried, served with dipping sauce
Nachos: $4 A large tray of tortilla chips and nacho cheese, with jalapenos
Cat Hock: $8 The cat version of the Turkey leg. Full hindquarter, seasoned and grilled
Rattlesnake Bites: $10 We flash freeze the meat from our Rattlesnake Roundup, season, batter, and deep fry it to a golden brown
Wing Dings: $8 1 lb. of chicken wings, thrown in our Hot, Mild, or Inferno wing sauce. Served with ranch or blue cheese and celery
Hamburger: $6 1/4lb ground beef, topped with American cheese and bacon.
Catburger: $12 1/4lb lean ground cat, topped with American cheese and bacon.
CLT: $12 Lean strips of pan-seared cat, lettuce, and tomato sandwich.
Cat Dogs: $8 Our all cat hotdogs, battered on a stick like a corn-dog. But a cat-dog!
Cat Rib Platter: $18 A full rack of smoked and grilled ribs, smothered in our award-winning sauce. Served with a side of fries
Feline Mignon: $22 The choicest of cuts, a whole cat tenderloin, charcoal grilled to perfection
Funnel Cake: $5 Fresh funnel cake, doused in powdered sugar
Funnel Cake w/ Fruit: $7 With pineapple, strawberry, or blueberry topping
Deep-Fried Twinkie: $6 Battered and Fried Twinkie. Decadent!
Caramel Apple: $4 A carnival classic

Soft Drinks: $3 24 oz. Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper
Fresh Lemonade: $4 24 oz. hand-squeezed lemonade
Domestic Draft Beer: $5 20 oz. Budweiser or Bud Light
Concession stands are cash-only. ATM's are available throughout the fair for a small fee.